The 4 Easy Commands to Teach Your Dog First

Are you struggling to train your dog? Don't you wish that there was a simple way to you could do that? 

It’s no secret that a dog brings joy and love to a pet parent. If you want your dog to be a good citizen at home, they must learn good manners and understand basic commands.

That way, they will adjust to family life. Most importantly, they will learn how to socialize and interact with you as their pet parents.

And now to the question:

Where Should the Training Begin?

The American Veterinary Society states that a dog's training should start during the first three months of their life. That's because they are so easy to train, and puppies are likely to learn the commands first.

At their age, curiosity outweighs fear. But once they're  6-month old, taking these new commands and lessons becomes a huge challenge.

Look at this way:

When you have a young kid, they are so gifted in grasping new accents and even idiomatic expressions of a new language. That explains why children find it easy to become a multi-lingual at an early age.

As the kid develops and time passes by, the brain loses the flexibility of grasping new languages. The same things happen with new puppies at home. 

Before you start the training, it's essential to teach your dog how to pay attention to you. That means you have to teach your dog the look and watch command. The look and watch me command ensures you get the attention of your dog before the training.

The best way to to do this to decide which words you'll use to describe this. Never go into the full training if you still can't get your dog's full attention. Anytime your dog responds well to these initial commands, reward them with a treat.

Now that you are fully aware of how to get your pup's attention. Let's look at the basic commands you need to teach your Fido.

The Sit Commands

It is an easy command to teach, and it should be introduced first to a dog. The sit command helps a dog learn how to respond to training and other lessons. Here's how to teach a dog this command.

  • Step #1: Hold a treat and dangle it near your dog’s nose
  • Step #2: Lift your hand up
  • Step #3: Tell your Fido to sit
  • Step #4: If your Fido sits down, give him the treat and affection
  • Step #5: Repeat the process several times with breaks.

Learn to be patient with your Fido. Some will learn fast, others may take several weeks to get this first command right. Take one week to try out this command. If your dog responds well, you can move to the next command.

The Come Command

The come command keeps the dog out of trouble. In other words, this is a command that can save your dog's life. Most pet parents use this command to protect the dog from traffic, strangers, and other dogs. Here are the steps you need to follow to train the dog:

  • Step #1: Make sure your dog is on a leash and collar
  • Step #2: Kneel towards the dog and say, “ come” while pulling the dog on a leash
  • Step #3: If they respond, reward them with a treat and affection

Another way to do this is to have a person hold your Fido in another room. And you try to call him in a separate room. You only do this after you have mastered the previous training.

When you are doing this command, make sure you're in a safe place away from distractions. You can accelerate this command and do it in a place where there's a distraction like a park. If your dog is following you when you say come regardless of what's going on. That's when you know he has mastered the skill.

The Down Command

This is the most challenging command to teach a dog. Here you are teaching your dog to be submissive and to stay in that posture. The importance of this command is that it can help a scared dog relax. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Step #1: Buy a nice smelling treat and hold it in your hands
  • Step #2: Hold the treat next to the dog’s face and let him smell.
  • Step #3: Move your hand down to the floor slowly away from the dog. The dog will follow the treat and lie down.
  • Step #4: If your dog lies down, say down, then offer him or her a treat and affection

Repeat this command for a week until your dog gets it. During the down command, never push the Fido into a down posture. Encourage him as he takes the right position.

The Stay Command

You only need to attempt this command if your dog has mastered the sit command. The stay command is also the easiest for your little Fido to learn. The stay command is an exercise of self-control for your little pup. That said, never get discouraged if it takes time for him or her to master, especially for high-energy dogs and pups. Here are the steps you need to follow to train him:

  • Step #1:  Say “sit” so that your dog can sit down
  • Step #2: Open your palms of hands and say, “stay.”
  • Step #3: Move  a few steps back
  • Step #4: If your dog remains in that position, reward him with affection and treats.
  • Step #5: Go on to increase the number of steps and give him a treat anytime they remain behind.

During the stay command, if a dog stays even for a few seconds, make sure to reward him and increase the time. Go on with the stay command until you are completely out of your dogs' sight.

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